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We server for these customers

  • China Post
  • China Telecom
  • New Oriental
  • Wanglaoji
  • Tianyi
  • Taiji Group
  • Sanjiu Group
  • Coca Cola
  • Jin licensing Limited
  • Hengda ice fountain
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Experience Advantages

We're the largest in southern China ,providing advertising material design, production, sale and maintenance of train services.

Now we have more than 10 categrories for choice, including x display rack, acrylic, rolls and so on.

Customize Advantages

Professors with more than 10 years of experience can design according to the needs of customers, to match the brand visual identity.

Customers can also freely choose materials, parts, to ensure each product unique.

Technology Advantages

We belive quality comes first, so select high-quality stainless steel, acrylic, plastic and other raw materials, with high-quality ink, paint.

The high-tech treatment protects products from distortion, fracture,and sparkling, but durable and recyclable.

Equipment Advantages

4 CNC processing machines, 8 high-definition Photo machines,3 automatic load cutting machine, 2 Cutting machines, 2 testing machines.

They can meet all the requirements of difficult, high precision, and irregular shape cutting, and make the best display effect.

Processing Advantages

The factory currently covers nearly 10,000 square meters,have 4 independent production lines, more than 60 workers.

With perfect workflow,we can proof in two days, complete in 7 days,30% better than peers.

Delivery Advantages

Under integration of online and offline marketing, we'll delivery as soon as possibile with a call, and help install for free.

Moreover,we'll teach how to display particularlly with the experience in the exhibitions, activities, and supermarkets.


Commercial space design

Modern commercial space to show a variety of techniques, showing the form nor directional, dynamic display is to show in the form of modern acclaimed show, it is different from the old static display, using the activity type, operated, interactive, etc. the audience can not only touch the exhibits, ...

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About Us

Shenzhen Tianyilong Advertising Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Tianyilong Advertising Co., Ltd. specializes in producing X exhibition stands, roll up, promotion table, organic products, arches, tents, umbrellas, woven bags and other promotional display materials.Tianyilong advertising is China's largest and most complete display advertising promotional materials manufacturer, the company covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with more than one variety of international advanced production equipment, in order to facilitate the different needs of our customers. The company has a very strong self-development capacity and quality assurance capabilities...

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